What's HoTT Loyalty Rewards Program

You can now earn Loyalty reward points while you shop with What's HoTT Accessories by signing up and more!


1. Join the What's HoTT Loyalty Rewards Program by creating a What's HoTT Account. Click "Log In" and select "Sign Up", (Only if you don't already have an Existing Account).

2. Shop and Earn Points with each purchase. 10 Points for every $1 spent. You can also earn points just by visiting the site to see what's HoTT and New! The More points you earn, the More you save!


3. Redeem Points by logging into your What's HoTT Account. Click on "The Gift Box", then click on "Your Active Rewards" to choose the dollar amount to redeem.

500 Points=$5

1000 Points=$10